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Letter from Martin St James
I’m Martin St James. I have been helping people to overcome almost every problem or disease known to man, through hypnosis, for over 50 years.

From quitting smoking, to losing weight, controlling stress, overcoming fears and phobias to serious health issues like cancer and other degenerative diseases. I have helped people improve concentration for exams, with driving tests, fear of flying and spiders and dentists! You name it, my programs have covered it. I have never come across a problem my SRC (Subconscious Relaxation Conditioning) programs have not been able to help with.

SRC is a self healing system, which goes beyond hypnosis or any known therapy – the results over the last 50 years have been and continue to be phenomenal. I have helped thousands of people world wide help themselves - and I know I can help you too.

I wrote the letter below a few years ago. I would not have survived what I went through without the knowledge to help myself. By applying that knowledge I was able to heal myself, and now share that knowledge with every person on the planet, in need of natural healing or help to solve a myriad of problems, in the comfort of their own home, simply by listening to my SRC programs.

Remember, success if only measured by the obstacles you overcome. Live Well

Martin St James.
This letter was written in 2006

To my relatives, friends, fans and associates,

I wish to apologise and give an explanation as to why I haven't made contact with most of you over the last few years. I have literally been off visiting hell and am now back to report: "It’s damn dark down there".

It has become impossible for me to write to all of you individually so please, for now, accept this as a personal explanation.

For the kindness and understanding I received from many of you who were aware that these past few years has been one of my darkest periods, I send my deepest gratitude. There is a saying "you don't have to go down the well to know its dark down there." I now know the old philosophy is only partly true - once you get down there it might be darker than you ever imagined.

I would never have had a true understanding of the suffering of others, if I hadn't experienced first hand, the depths of clinical depression. It is impossible to comprehend this illness from the outside. You can not have any idea of what it is like to wake up each morning wishing you hadn't... and going to sleep afraid to face another day.

Each day I told myself, "If I can just get through today, I will see how I feel tomorrow and go from there one at time."

Making the decision just to get through each day is what has kept me alive. Plans for the future, led to what seemed like the logical solution and reasonable course of action: ending it all rather than be a burden on my family.

I have survived cancer, heart attacks, open heart surgery, major intestine surgery and chronic pain, but nothing prepared me for this last bout. When you have cancer you know it could kill you... when you have a full bout of chronic fatigue syndrome, you wish it would. Throughout this period, I have seldom talked on the phone, or in person, to anyone. As I'm not computer savvy I have had to rely on other people to send and receive emails which I know have been very inconsistent.

As recently as only a few months ago, the medical profession reported - at last - to have found a physical reason for CFS. Now doctors will hopefully understand it is not 'all in the mind' like they have believed for many years. Scientists have now discovered the main cause of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS) is mosquito bite. Thats the type of mosquito bite that results in Ross River Fever or Glandular Fever that then allows the Epstein Bar Virus to hibernate in the body and come to the surface when the immune system is low. It insidiously affects people in many different, diabolical ways. The symptoms range from super flu-like symptoms where the body and especially the brain is almost continuously drained of energy.

  Which is the big problem. Overcoming CFS in not as simple as telling yourself you are well as there is not sufficient energy in the brain to kick-start the mind. The mind seems to close down. According to the latest scientific evidence, CFS affects the brain so severely that it causes temporary brain damage, fuzzy thinking, memory loss, loss of ego, obsessive and compulsive behaviour, loss of self-esteem, decision-making and libido. Everything becomes dysfunctional! The worst of it is the deep clinical depression, suicidal tendencies become the norm. And this is just to name a few of the symptoms. The physical symptoms are exaggerated wherever there are weak links within the body: sinuses, allergies and so on. See the attached article from the Sunday Mail Brisbane. (Chronic Fatigue 'Can be deadly', page 38, June 25, 2006)

There is no known cure. A person can suffer bouts lasting weeks, months and even years. The abandonment by friends and loved ones can instigate suicide. I have explained this in so much detail in the hope that if someone suffering from CFS is known to you, your help to them, by encouragement, will be met by appreciation - as I have met yours.

Many years ago, I underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumour and was left with only half of my intestines. Subsequently, it is difficult to keep up the nutrient intake and my immune system can become weak in its fight against the virus that lies dormant within me. I have battled through three or four bouts of CFS now. Most of the time I cannot remember. The previous bout I had lasted three years, of which I was mostly bed-ridden. This last bout lasted about 18 months. The depression was much worse this time, making it harder to get back into control. I refused medications as I have in the past, such as anti-depressants, etc., as I know they make one worse instead of better. I also had a strange encounter with a psychiatrist recommended by well meaning friends. The psychiatrist voiced his intentions immediately after I walked into his office tired out from flying from the Gold Coast to Sydney and riding in a taxi for two hours. I travelled this distance just to have him say to me, "I will not treat you until you go on an anti-depressant course," which, of course, I did not.

I also experienced the inexperience of a psychiatrist who said he had thought of using hypnosis on me but thought it would be a daunting task as he had heard of my reputation. Where did he get this idea? Because I understand hypnosis and have been hypnotised many times, I make a perfect recipient for hypnosis.

Then there was a so-called well respected psychologist who charged like a wounded bull, and in my opinion, had successfully received triple bypass surgery on his personality. I am now thankful for those experiences because I believe I needed them. Even at my age, I can grow, and in so doing I hope to be able to help others.

Close friends would often say, "Physician, heal thy self. Why don't you listen to your own CDs?" By accident, I recently did just that. I listened to one of the recordings I had made in a studio and had forgotten completely about. Each day since, I have improved and now feel that I am 95% back to my old self and ready to kick ass. Thank you for reading this and I hope to be in contact with you personally in the near future. I sign off with this thought: "Success is only measured by the obstacles we overcome."

Sleep Well!

Martin PS: Immediately after completing the above, synchronicity led me to read the main article in a magazine. It was in the latest Scientific American Mind, titled The Burnout Cycle on page 31. I couldn't help noticing the parallel between the symptoms I had learnt to accept when diagnosed with CFS. It may be of help to anyone suffering acute energy loss to be aware of the symptoms. Many doctors use a variety of different names to cover the symptoms from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis to Yuppy Flu and over 28 other fanciful put-down names. James L. Wilson N.D., D.C., Ph. D, in his book Adrenal Fatigue – The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, gets the closest of all to what it's really about. Another good online article on this subject is written by Dr. Beverly Potter –
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