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Acclaimed By the World Press
"Entertainment is the key to St. James' success." November 21, 1992. "More to St. James that meets the eye." -The Courier, Ballarat. November 20, 1992.

"Japan Under Aussie Spell." -Daily Telegraph-Mirror, Sydney. September 2, 1992.

"The Japanese proved to be as willing as the Australians Down Under to cavort on stage as goldfish, typewriters and Michael Jackson." -The Japan Times, Tokyo. September 17, 1992.

"Oh what a madcap night."
-Canberra Times. November 7, 1985.

"Hypnotist justifies billing." "St. James lived up to his billing with a flawless performance."
-New Zealand Herald. September 9, 1981.

"The nagging irresistible, physical desire to smoke had gone... " by Paul Keers May, 1983. "Talked out of smoking." -Cosmopolitan Magazine, London. December, 1980.

"Almost certainly the best known practitioner is 46 year old Martin St. James."
-The Sunday Times, London. August 17, 1980.

"Spellbinding Performer Makes Hilarious Entertainment." "They Could Not Stop Laughing for Nearly 90 Minutes."
-Birmingham Post, August 8, 1980.

"The Eyes Have It." -Daily Mirror, London. December 29, 1979.

"Packed with variety and without a trace of anxiety to offend self respect in the human soul."
-Bild and Funk, W. Germany. December 31, 1976.

"Fantastic Show!" "We would like to see more of it, and more often."-Funk-Uhr, W. Germany. December 29, 1976.

"Is an uncanny entertainer on his own; but the real entertainment from his act comes from the audience itself." "If you have not seen the St. James act, by all means make it a point to do so." -The Austin Statesman, Austin, Texas. January 20, 1966.

"It's all wild, enjoyable fun." "Martin St. James is a showman of the first order." -The Evening Star, Washington DC. October 7, 1965.

"The most amazing act I've ever seen." -San Juan Guide. May 6, 1965.

"...is no less than a wonder. Great skill and showmanship." -San Juan Guide. April 30, 1965.

"Hypnotist stuns them at the Cellar Door." "Many of his audience are seeing an act of this kind for the first time and they're seeing a good one. Besides witnessing the mysteries of hypnotism and ESP they are seeing a performer who unlike many stage hypnotists preserves the dignity of his subjects on stage." -The Washington Post. April 20, 1965.

"... it's all highly hilarious." "In a preview performance St. James wowed a highly sophisticated and noisy crowd with a dandy act."
-The Washington Daily News. July 24, 1964.

"You may not believe in ESP, or mind reading if you will, but if you have any doubts St.James will surely shake them, then again if it's a trick it's matchless." "It was a display of science, of the intricacies of the mind." -The Washington Post. July 24, 1964.

"Complete audience satisfaction." -Hollywood Reporter. August 23, 1963.

"...One of the Great Acts in the Entire World." -Jack Barry TV Show, Hollywood, California. August 8,1963.

"It is a salable act." -Variety. August 22, 1962.

"Martin St. James collects more laughs from his top of the bill act than many star comedians."-Birmingham Post.

"It's laughter all the way."
-Yorkshire Post. James Towler

"Martin St. James was awarded 'Best Act For The Year" after his first appearance at the fabulous Beverly Hilton in Hollywood, USA."
-Hollywood Reporter.

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