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The Entertainer
Martin St. James is one of the world's most successful entertainers.

In his long career he has hypnotised over 1.5 million people on stage and on television - up to 560,00 at a time. His box office records have easily outstripped those of many of the world's "superstars".

His television appearances have been nothing less than sensational - the ratings phenomenal.

Introducing Martin St.James - stage hypnotist, mind magician, author, entertainer extraordinaire and pioneer of hypnotherapy.

New Encyclopedia
of Stage Hypnotism

"The Elvis of Stage Hypnotists"
The New Encyclopedia of Stage
Hypnotism by Ormond McGill
(published 1996)
Martin St James hails from Australia and is Down Under's most popular hypnotist having played repeated tours in the leading cities of 31 countries. In his long career, his box office records have outstripped many of the world's "superstars". A young man of vigour he presents his show in a modern manner. His dress, his style, his hypnotic presentation directly appeals to the "rock" generation. He is the Elvis of stage hypnotists.

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by Irwin Zucker
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