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• 2001: He celebrates fifty years of showbiz and almost sixty years since he first discovered and used hypnosis. Martin has probably performed hypnosis longer than any other living person, having hypnotised over one and a half million people on stage, and helped many thousands therapeutically to: lose weight, quit smoking, control stress, enhance sexuality, improve sporting concentration and live a better life. He has certainly earned his title as the world's greatest: "Grandmaster of Hypnosis "

• To enable Martin to reach an even greater audience, he is now producing CD's which hypnotise the listener to achieve their goals, be it financial, material, sport's success, life fulfilment, greater health, or just being happy.

• One of Martin's many goals with this web-site is to play a major role in stopping the world from smoking. Another of his goals is to explain the truth to the world about Hypnosis and dispel the myths perpetuated by those with hidden agendas and self interests.

• www.martinstjames.com is finally activated a year after its inception.

• 2002:
Martin's wife, Theresa, used hypnosis to give birth to their second child- another beautiful girl, Anya Maylan.

• Martin successfully hypnotised a prominent Japanese business tycoon helping him to give up smoking. He had smoked three packets a day for over thirty years. The businessman was so impressed that he brought out a large group of executives and families to see Martin's show live and to discuss the possibility of launching Martin's SRC hypnosis centres in Japan. As he owned a movie company amongst his huge portfolio, discussions took place regarding Martin's movies, books, CD's and merchandise. Discussions ceased when the executives and families came to see Martin perform live at the fully-booked showroom at the Seagull's Football Club. When Martin invited the audience to participate on stage to be hypnotised, two sons of the Japanese group came onstage amongst seventy-five other volunteers. The two youths were sent back to their seats along with the other audience members who were not chosen to be hypnotised for the show. It was explained to Martin later by a translater that the disappointed boys claimed Martin was a fake because he didn't hypnotise them. No one was there to explain to them that they first needed to be able to understand English as Martin was doing an Australian show. In Japan, where they had seen him earlier on television, Martin had the help of translaters. This they didn't take into account and the company directors- the fathers of the youths, were convinced that their company should not invest the millions of dollars to promote Martin's products in Japan even though he is a household name in that country. At this present time, September 1st 2006, the Japanese CEO whose testimonial is on our site, is still not smoking. (click here for testimonial)

• Tough journalists and TV personalities screamed with laughter as Martin entertained the staff at the Channel 7 Christmas party in Sydney.

• 2003: Martin entertained the Miss World Pageant and appeared on the television presentation.


• After being absent from Japan TV for ten years, Martin once again proved his popularity. T.B.S. Tokyo Broadcasting System invited him to Japan again to record a 30 minute scientific program which was so well received that another two hour special went to air with over 20 million viewers. This was Martin's best TV show to date. Well-known TV personalities were hypnotised in different hypnosis scientific experiments.
• First time in history, the science of hypnosis mix with the art of stage hypnosis in such a perfect way. Congratulations to TBS and Martin!

• The experiments included taking three well known Japanese personalities to a refrigeration storage complex. There they were hypnotised and placed in a big freezer with a temperature of minus 16 degrees celcius (3.19 degrees Fahrenheit) . As scientific equipment including thermal imaging measured body temperature, etc, within minutes Martin had his subjects hot and actually sweating, believing they were in a desert.
• A famous politician lost the memory of an important milestone in his life from twenty years before. He recalled the incident in vivid detail after several hours of being in Hypnotic trance.

• A famous actress with a fear of heights was hypnotised and flew the next day from Tokyo to Auckland, New Zealand. She then proceeded to jump from the highest bungy jump in the world.

• These are just some of the demonstrations that Martin presented in his seventieth year.

• 2004: After 30 years of dormancy due to sabotage by the tobacco companies and the powers that be, Martin prepared to once again open his S.R.C. hypnosis centre. In Australia, “Today Tonight”, the national investigative television program on the channel 7 network, presented some short demonstrations similar to those that Japanese TV had presented earlier. The results were sensational. The hypnosis centre was not prepared for the phone calls it received from every part of Australia. Several venture capitalists visited from Asia with offers for “Master Martin”, as he is known there, to open in Asia.

• October: After recently opening the hypnosis centre in Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia, torrential rain flooded the centre ruining most of the equipment. After being compensated by insurance, the same scenario was repeated. On Martin's instructions, the centre was put on hold due to an emergency hospitalisation of Martin for a heart condition where cardioversion ( mild electric shock is used to correct a dangerous, abnormal heart rhythm) was administered. This was to become one of Martin's darkest hours from this point to mid 2006.

• During the time that the hypnosis centre was on hold, Martin continued to receive phone calls and emails from people wanting help. As Martin was unable to take action due to his own illness, people gained support through his CD's. Eventually Theresa gave in to persistent requests for help from people who were desperate to stop smoking and lose weight. Theresa decided to take them through the procedure upon which the hypnosis centre was based and had 100% success. These sessions resulted in the now ex-smoker approaching Theresa to ask, “Why aren't you open and continuing to help people? I would love to run the place myself with my expertise in psychology and public relations.” So the Martin St James Hypnosis centre is now open and thriving. (Click here for more information)

• 2006: Mid 2006 and Martin is almost back to his old self. He had endured an eighteen month bout of the recurring illness myalgic encephalomyelitis, commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This ongoing disease is usually associated with such nasties as mosquito bites and Ross River Fever. It surfaces when the body gives way to stress and the Immune system breaks down. Every ounce of energy is drained leaving its victim with a multitude of diabolical, silent symptoms. In many cases it has been misdiagnosed by medical doctors. As usually the patient shows no apparent physical symptoms the practitioner believes it is only “in the mind” and the victim usually has to suffer in silence. It wasn't until very recently, around March 2006, that the medical field announced that they had found a physical cause of CFS: the Epstein Barr virus from mosquito bites (which has been known to natural health practitioners for many years). (Click here for more info.)

• At present the millions who suffer silently from this illness can be assured a cure will be found. Martin believes he can ease the symptoms somewhat with the use of hypnosis. At present, Martin has come into remission through the help of natural therapies, being hypnotised by his own CD's and the support of his loving wife, family and friends.

• Note: CFS has different symptoms for different people, often causing temporary brain damage which leads to temporary memory loss, fuzzy thinking, indecision, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, and the worst, deep, clinical depression. This creates a zombie-like feeling where in many cases a person can become completely helpless and bedridden. Clinical depression becomes the norm and as most people unfortunately do not understand what the sufferer is dealing with, usually thinks the person is a hypochondriac. Many doctors have also been guilty of this assumption. Martin knows of several victims of CFS who have suicided including his own daughter and several of his friends.

• Onsets of CFS affect sufferers for periods that can leave a person debilitated for weeks, months or even years. Martin's previous bout lasted over three years. This bout has lasted 18 months, leaving him clinically depressed for 90% of the time. He now feels that he is 80-90% well and preparing to get on with life. However, he refuses to take any drugs like anti-depressants. He does not intend to retire and is ready to perform even better than before.

• Martin feels blessed that in this down period of his life, where everyday for months he was in such a negative spiral, his wife Theresa gave birth to their third baby girl, Martika. “Wow, someone up there loves me,” Martin says. He is also proud of his four daughters and two sons born to previous relationships. “And that ain't all folks,” he says with a twinkle in his eye.

• Martin has walked the walk and talked the talk. Now, more than ever,he wants to help people to wellness with his most informative healing programs. Martin's Gold Coast hypnosis centre is now open. For those who can't visit the centre, his special CD's are recommended.

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