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• 1982 - 1983: Returned to Australia, after 15 years residence in the UK, to find that laws had been passed (at the hand of Psychology Boards) in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania to prevent him from performing in those states.

• Began record-breaking tours in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

• Re-established Australia as his home base and began to fight to perform in the southern states.

• Arrested while performing at the Wrest Point Casino in Tasmania and charged with contravening the Psychological Practices Act (a second cousin to the Witchcraft Act) which prohibited the demonstration of hypnosis without a licence issued by the Psychology Board of any of the participating states.

• This confrontation was to begin a continuing battle between the entertainer and a group of psychologists who are still clinging to outdated and medieval concepts regarding Hypnosis.

• After 5 years success in the UK Martin's SRC courses to stop smoking, lose weight, and control stress became available in Australia on audiocassette.

• 1984: Adelaide. The ridiculous battle continued with the Psychology Board of South Australia who decided that Martin's performances of "mind magic" were in breach of their "Psychological Practices Act". This time Martin took legal action, initiating a court case which was to continue for three years.

• Stayed in South Australia, performing numerous shows at Festival Theatre Adelaide and The Octagon Theatre in Elizabeth.
• 1985: Spellbound Promotions Pty Ltd was launched, being highly successful with sell-out tours in club and concert venues throughout Australia.

• New attendance records set as Martin returns to venues for an unprecedented number of shows due to public demand.

• 1987: Awarded $24 000 in costs after winning the Adelaide court case.

• 1988: The year of Expo in Australia. Martin was reluctantly booked for one performance. The show was so well received that he was booked for two more shows and on the final night, broke all attendance records for the PIAZZA with an estimated 7000 people in an area constructed for only 5000.

• 1989:
Returns to Victoria, after 20 years, for a two-week season at the Melbourne Comedy Theatre where he was arrested again for violation of the Psychological Practices Act. The court case attracted national attention and was the lead story in major newspapers and on television news for days. This time the prosecutors were unable to justify the charges under the antiquated Victorian legislation and Martin had his second victory. Legal fees and expenses exceeded $100,000; however he performed throughout Victoria to capacity audiences for one full year.

• 1990: Instructs Spellbound Promotions to start researching Japan.


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