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• 1991: April. Martin's doctors diagnose an aggressive malignant tumour in the bowel.
• Cancelled 35 shows and a large outdoor show on the beach for the Indy 500 car race at Surfers Paradise, Australia.

• Martin set about controlling the tumour using a holistic approach incorporating Tai Chi, a strict vegetarian diet, fresh juices, infra-red sauna, exercises, self-hypnosis and meditation. Refused all drugs and pharmaceutical medication, used only natural organic products.

• 1992: January. A delegation of 8 executives from TBS Tokyo arrived to see Martin's show at Seagulls on the Gold Coast, where he insisted on working a two-week season, despite questionable health. • February 12, Admitted to the Mater Hospital North Shore for major surgery to remove the tumour. Out of hospital within days and back on the beach. Martin refused chemotherapy, and radiation.

• Around this period an Australian Company Nomad Films presented a Pilot TV show of Martin at the Cannes Film Festival. This resulted in Japanese interest which later came to fruition. Strong interest was received by major T.V. producers in London England resulting in them dealing with Martin's Manager - Ron Blackmore in Australia. They deceived Ron by constantly requesting more and more material of Martin's shows. They claimed to almost have a deal with Independent Television in London. Ron insisted on a contract or he would approach BBC. They then assured Ron that Martin's show would go on air within a month. It Did Go To Air, but not with Martin. Another Hypnotist performed Martin's material, they had blatantly changed material from "peaches" to "pears". The top rating show became the rage of Great Britain. The hypnotist became grossly famous and wealthy as a result.
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• Ron Blackmore received opinions from lawyers and Q.C.s. However to commence such litigation against these people, just to start proceedings would be too costly. Martin was still recovering from cancer and operations, the costs involved were prohibitive to go any further at that time.

• May 22, Returned to work after 13 weeks of recuperation. Luxurious motor home completed by Shane St. James to enable his father to continue his rigid health program while still touring.

• July, Spellbound signs contract with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) to record 5 shows in Australia and Tokyo as part of a documentary.

• Visited Japan to learn about its culture, returning to Australia with a 10-person film crew.

• August, Shows recorded in Tokyo and put to air on Oct 30 at 7:30pm to a potential audience of 125 million viewers. Second show prepared by TBS for November 27 and contracts signed for Martin to return to Japan to record a two hour show for New Years Day. As a result, specials were recorded for March and August. The Japanese connection had begun.

• November. Martin completed his first book, "Sleep You Bastard".

• 1993: June. "Sleep You Bastard" released nationally. • A video covering 30 years of Martin's career "The Best of Martin St. James Vol. 1" was completed.

• Martin was in 100% total remission, and prepared to tour America, Japan and the UK.


As a result of his successful court battles against the establishment, hypnosis laws in some states of Australia were repealed. Martin was presented with the coveted Warrior Award by American Hypnosis Examiners Association, the largest hypnosis organisation in the world. Martin was recognised by many hypnosis organisations and invited by many to become an Honorary Life Member.

• 1993-1994: Japan. Martin performed to sell-out venues. Last performance on Christmas Day filled a 2600 seat auditorium twice in one afternoon. Admission prices were as high as AU$300.

Martin's TV show aired on New Year's Eve, Japan's highest viewing period, producing the highest ratings with rave reviews. Six tours and almost twenty hours of TV's highest ratings in peak time slots made him one of the most sort-after and best known western performers to ever visit.


• Taiwan. Several two-hour extravaganzas and a series of thirty minute TV shows made Martin a household name. Five performances in five major cities to packed houses produce record profits to the promoters of US$360 000. Martin was invited to perform live. Many repeats of his shows were aired.

• Korea. Martin's two hour TV show was officially recognised as the highest rating show in Korean TV history.

• 1994: Hong Kong. Martin was struck down with a heart attack whilest en route to Hong Kong to perform a major television show "The Show Must Go On." Martin was forced to cancel the show and return immediately to Australia.

• Travelled back to Asia, continuing to fulfil major TV show and performance obligations. Martin carried on with the help of a naturopathic doctor travelling with him.

• Returned to Australia to complete three thirty-minute TV specials for the Nine Network. Six live performances recorded within twenty-four hours. The shows received the highest time slot ratings across Australia.

• Martin performed to huge crowds at one of Australia's major venues, Seagulls on the Gold Coast.

• 1995: In almost total exhaustion, Martin eventually could not continue.

• Martin was diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

• Martin's book "The Power of Hypnosis" which explains his definition and thoughts on hypnosis and teaches how to unleash the natural power of the mind, was released. Many hypnosis schools made this book compulsory on their curriculum resulting in a high volume of sales. In Taiwan the book was translated into Chinese and became the second best-seller, with a reprint released two years later.

• 1997: Martin commenced a miraculous road to recovery. With the help of self-hypnosis, faith, spiritual awakening and the support of friends and loved ones. Martin returned to performing, writing and creating hypnotherapy tapes to help others.

• The most tragic event of Martin's life occurred with the death of his beloved daughter Tania, who was at the time assisting him on tour in Taiwan. Martin completed his tour despite this great personal tragedy.

• 1998: Martin was able to overcome his difficulties and illness using his knowledge of hypnosis and mind-body realization.

• In Taiwan Martin was asked to help a seven year old boy who had suffered a terrifying accident. For several months the boy had been in a coma and his parents believed in Martin's ability to help their son. They requested that Martin attempt to bring the boy out of the coma as many specialist doctors from around the world had been unable to help. All attempts by these specialists to make contact with the boy proved futile but Martin achieved what previously had been believed to be impossible. Within minutes of hearing Martin's voice the boy smiled and pulled his weeping father's hand up to his mouth. Contact was made! Martin had to return to Australia the next morning but kept in touch with Oliver. Martin recorded CD's for Oliver and his parent's reported that the boy showed signs of enjoyment and improvement as he listened to Martin's CD's.

• Martin and Theresa embarked on a three-week round-the-world business trip which formed the basis of his book "Beyond the Known - Gifts from another Dimension". A most amazing synchronistic event took place when Martin’s manager received a phone call from a man in Las Vegas, Nevada USA offering Martin a contract. Martin’s manager claimed the man did not give his name or contact number. Martin did not believe this and that very same hour was on the phone booking his flight to Las Vegas via a round the world trip. Martin believed that his extrasensory powers would guide and direct him to meet the man. Amazingly, he actually found the man by pure coincidence the very same day he arrived.

• New Zealand. Martin performs at Star City Casino, Auckland. After the show, Martin is admitted to hospital as a result of another heart attack. A week of observation led to emergency quadruple bypass surgery.
• 1999: Martin returned stronger than ever to enter the new millennium with thanks to faith, exercise, self-hypnosis, good nutrition and no drugs. Martin practices what he preaches.

Martin married his current wife Theresa. Theresa was employed by Martin's Asian tour promoters as a translator and assistant. Theresa has stood by Martin during his darkest days.

• A film crew arrived from Japan's Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) for an interview. The lengthy interview when aired showed proof of Martin's popularity in Japan. The show's ratings rose an incredible four points the moment Martin appeared.

• 2000: February 9. The most auspicious day of the Chinese New Year and a celebrated Golden Dragon baby- Jeanda St James- is born. The year of the Golden Dragon only occurs every sixty years. “A miracle,” said Martin. “Someone up there really likes me.”

Theresa listened to Martin's tapes, which induced hypnosis and allowed for a natural, drug-free birth. This prompted Martin to produce tapes and CD's for helping women achieve drug-free, relaxed childbirth.

• Martin continued performing with a renewed passion for life. He was planning new shows, writing books and courses so that he could hand on his knowledge and guarded secrets of hypnosis, ESP, self healing, motivation and life success.

• Occasionally Martin still performs with his son, Shane- "A chip off the old block."

• Martin has written several movie synopses and assisted in scripts about hypnosis with the hopes of capturing the interests of some adventurous filmmakers. Two major film companies invited Martin to discuss and negotiate a full-length film of highlights of his amazing life story.

• Martin was invited to perform at Daydream Island Resort. This experience inspired him to write a comedy movie script which was well received by two major movie companies both of which decided that while they would maintain distribution they would cease production during this year.

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