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Simply Relax and Listen
  • No exercises
  • No drugs
  • No special diets

When hypnotised with ' Think Slim, Be Slim ' you will be convinced you are eating a meal by simply prompting your imagination through suggestion.

Q: How is this done?

A: The desire to eat is suppressed through the activation of the same chemicals that are released in the brain when real food is eaten.

Impossible, you may say.
Is it magic?
Not quite… but close ! It's scientific fact !!!
Q: How Successful is the 'Think Slim, Be Slim'
A: 'Think Slim, Be Slim' has already helped over 100,000 people to lose as much weight as they wanted.

Q: Why does my body burn fat with 'Think Slim, Be Slim'
A: Messages from your subconscious will trigger the release of chemicals in your body to burn unwanted fat.

50 years of mind reprogramming and first-hand experience in weight control.
Laurie Purden, editor in chief of 'The Woman's Journal' leading British magazine, wrote an article after voicing her opinion of 'Think Slim, Be Slim'. "I would not give the system one word in my magazine until I had lost the weight I wanted to for eighteen months"

Q: Why is this system better than every other weight loss program?
A: It's simple and easy to undertake. Just listen!

Martin instructs your bio computer (the human computer) to accept and understand, effortlessly, the 'mind implants' that he supplies which initiate the appropriate signals in the 'Mind Furnace' and burn fat!
Martin explains how willpower will not help you to lose weight.
Listen to the program for 21 days consecutively and you will experience:
  Weight loss!
  • Experience euphoric relaxation
  • Total bliss each time you listen

WARNING: Never discount the effects and power of your subconscious.

Every action of your existence is passively directed by your subconscious computer:
your real hidden power!

Success is achieved within 21 days with ' Think Slim, Be Slim. '
1.'Comfort eating' is one of the primary causes of weight gain.
2.When depressed, the body craves sweet foods.
3. It's the consistent consumption, even though these foods may not be consumed in excess, which creates the dilemma of weight gain.

How the body handles your food:
  • Sweet foods are converted into sugar in the blood stream.
  • The body releases insulin to reduce blood sugar levels.
  • The insulin directs the sugar out of the blood stream and into the body's cells to be stored as Glycogen.
  • When your glycogen stores are full, the body will convert the excess sugar into fat.
  • You have a little chocolate here; a packet of crisps there, a pasta meal here, and a rice meal there. All these foods will convert to fat if your cells remain full of glycogen.

Martin St. James utilises his unique SRC system to help you resolve these "weighty" issues.

"What you think…will be what you create" says Martin St James.

The SRC system will trigger the release of the appropriate hormones that are responsible for creating 'homeostasis' (balance) in the body.

These stimulated hormones will help:
  • Burn fat
  • Create lean muscle mass
  • Increase your metabolic rate

The SRC system will help you create the body image you desire.

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