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"Sports Motivation"
helps athletes:
  • comprehend coaching instructions pertinent to competition
help activate the trainer/coaches directions in the heat of competition
relax whilst under pressure
  • reduce performance anxiety to clear the mental pathways, allowing muscles to react to predetermined training instructions via a more relaxed mind/body connection
  • improve quality of pre-performance sleep
  • improve post-performance recovery

"Sports Motivation" will operate in harmony alongside established coaching techniques

Research indicates a quantum leap in athlete's ability to concentrate following the input of the "Sports Motivation" subconscious coaching system!

All you need to do is listen!!

"Subconscious Reprogramming Catalysts" or SRCs activate the subconscious part of the mind…the powerhouse of life, the storeroom of every thought, word and deed.

"Every motor skill involved in sport is passively influenced by your subconscious computer! "
- Martin St James.

Neglecting mental preparation will mask hidden potential… the difference between winning and losing!
The coaching that an athlete received as a child/novice may have been adequate but… bad habits and antiquated techniques need to be revised or sometimes eliminated to make room for even greater improvement.

Martin St. James is a 'mind computer programmer' with 50 years reprogramming experience in athletic performance.

Martin will instruct your internal computer in the language that bio-computers understand!

…or in any sporting endeavour you can nominate, concentration and focus are the keys to winning.

The belief that you can win is just as important as your physical abilities.
A sportsman will achieve a far greater result by improving his or her mental state of preparedness and focus. Martin continues to work one-on-one with many of the world’s top sportspeople. Martin has helped:

  • Lovemore Ndou – 2006 about to contest the World title in his weight division. This is what Lovemore had to say: "It's the greatest feeling you could ever have! In training for a tough fight,especially on the last week when my nerves are playing up, it's hard to sleep. By not sleeping I am burning up a lot of energy. By the time I step into the ring I already feel tired. Martin made a tape- if I listen to that it makes me sleep like a baby. (before meeting Martin) I started to lose my confidence which was upsetting my training. I kept thinking there was something wrong. Was it the end of my career? Martin made me a tape to motivate me and now I feel great again!”
(From FoxSports interview)
  • The Macs (Paul McNamee and Paul McNamara) along their record-breaking journey in tennis.
  • Spike Cheney, Seoul Olympic Silver medallist who developed a close association with Martin over his successful career.
  • Gavin Topp, undefeated 'Australia Junior Middleweight' champion who will bear testimony to the 'Sports Motivation'. Martin's premier Sports Motivational program.
  • Danny McGrail, Australian Lightweight boxing champion.
  • Guy Andrews, Australian Surf Iron man winner…to name a few.

Martin St James continues to add specific sports motivational programs to his sports collection.
If you have a request for a specific program, please contact us.
Martin can put together a personalised program for you.

"Believe it and it will happen".

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