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How SRC Works
Suggestive Relaxation Conditioning or SRC goes beyond hypnosis. Martin developed the SRC programs with the philosophy of teaching you to be in control of yourself and how you respond to your environment. In the SRC sessions, positive triggers will be anchored deeply into your subconscious mind. This will bring about a new awareness, changing the old, negative movies running in your mind - (that keep you imprisoned by bad habits) - to new positive ones. Subconsious Reprogramming is a safe, drug-free system with absolutely no negative side effects whatsoever. As you let go of negative thinking habits, you will find improvements in many areas of your life. It is like having a Mind Massage from a Master.


You begin your Mind Wellness Program with a full session in our specifically designed centre, watching a state of the art, audio-visual program in the comfort of a private booth. All courses are 21 day programs. Each course involves 3 visits to the centre - that’s once a week for the 21 days. You will receive an audio pack so as you can continue your Mind Wellness Program at home in between visits.

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